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2012 Dynasty Fantasy Rankings – Tight Ends (2.1)

Published: March 22, 2012

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Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham

Since I’m updating other positions based on free agency moves, I may as well retouch my tight ends as well. There weren’t a whole lot of moves that matter for these rankings unless Tamme or Clark or someone else signs in Denver.

These rankings will be based on FFO Standard scoring which includes PPR.

Tier 1: Can win you games by themselves.

1 Jimmy Graham
2 Rob Gronkowski

Tier 2: Ability to put up stud numbers.

3 Vernon Davis
4 Jermichael Finley
5 Aaron Hernandez

Tier 3: Up and comers and a few consistent options. Guys like Gates and Witten are studs with a few years left but in long term dynasty I would be trading those guys for younger guys and and picks/other players.

6 Kyle Rudolph
7 Fred Davis
8 Jermaine Gresham
9 Jared Cook
10 Jason Witten
11 Antonio Gates

Tier 4: I realize guys like Daniels and Pettigrew have put up great numbers and shown more consistency than some of the guy ranked higher, but I feel Best and LeShoure might start stealing some of those mid-range passes and Houston might get another WR this year.

12 Dustin Keller
13 Brandon Pettigrew
14 Brent Celek
15 Owen Daniels
16 Zach Miller (SEA)
17 Kellen Winslow
18 Tony Moeaki

Tier 5: Haven’t completely proven themselves to me but there is talent there. I don’t yet know how Tamme/Dreesen will shake out in Denver, but Manning does love the TE.

19 Ed Dickson
20 Coby Fleener ( R )
21 Marcedes Lewis
22 Jacob Tamme
23 Joel Dreesen
24 Orson Charles ( R )
25 Dwayne Allen ( R )
26 Ladarius Green ( R )

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