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2012 Dynasty Fantasy Rankings – Quarterbacks (2.1 – Post Manning/Tebow)

Published: March 22, 2012

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Cam Newton

Cam Newton

These rankings will be based on FFO Standard scoring which includes PPR and counts 4 points towards passing touchdowns. As I stated before, I’ll be updating these rankings every week or so.

My Rankings needed a quick refresh after a few free agent moves like Manning and Tebow getting new teams, Freeman and Smith getting new weapons, etc…

Tier 1: Franchise Studs.

1 Aaron Rodgers
2 Matthew Stafford
3 Cam Newton
4 Drew Brees
5 Tom Brady

Tier 2: Proven enough to be lower QB1 type players and a couple have stud potential.

6 Tony Romo
7 Philip Rivers
8 Eli Manning
9 Josh Freeman
10 Michael Vick
11 Peyton Manning

Tier 3: They have some risk, but several have franchise potential, others are just solid backups on your dynasty team. I might even take a few of them over a proven guy this year and hope.

12 Matt Ryan
13 Ben Roethlisberger
14 Sam Bradford
15 Andy Dalton
16 Andrew Luck ( R )
17 Christian Ponder
18 Robert Griffin III ( R )
19 Jake Locker
20 Jay Cutler
21 Matt Schaub
22 Joe Flacco

Tier 4: Medium Risk, Medium Reward. Both guys have a lot of weapons and are in good situations.

23 Alex Smith
24 Matt Flynn
25 Carson Palmer

Tier 5: Bench QBs with some fill-in potential.

26 Mark Sanchez
27 Ryan Fitzpatrick
28 Kevin Kolb
29 Matt Cassel
30 Colt McCoy
31 Blaine Gabbert
32 Tim Tebow
33 Tarvaris Jackson

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I started playing fantasy football in 1992, I have a dog name Fred (who refuses to learn how to play fantasy football) and a baby boy (Iain). He will be a Vikings fan or else. My biggest claim to fame: I am the inventor/creator of College Farm System Dynasty Leagues, now widely called developmental dynasty leagues. It might be my greatest creation (don't tell my son or wife that). Web designer on the side. Always willing to help out my fantasy football community family.

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