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2012 Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings – Quarterbacks

Published: February 10, 2012

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Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck

My order hasn’t changed much since August. In August I ranked the top 8: Luck, Jones, Barkley, Griffin, Foles, Tannehill, Cousins, Weeden. With Barkley and Jones returning to school, 5 of the 6 that declared remain in my top 6.

1 Andrew Luck
2 Robert Griffin III
3 Ryan Tannehill
4 Brandon Weeden
5 Nick Foles
6 Brock Osweiler
7 Tyler Wilson
8 Kirk Cousins
9 Russell Wilson
10 Case Keenum
11 Kellen Moore

I could have added more, but I really don’t see a whole lot of the guys past this point making an impact, although, I really don’t see a couple of the ones on this list even making much of an impact.

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